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It has been a long time since I’ve actually been so absorbed in a game that I disregard sleep. Disregarding my education is one thing, but to do it to my beloved sleep is pure blasphemy.  For two nights in a row I have without fail played Skyrim until dawn. I feel dirty and un-productive yet I continue to do this to myself.

I also continue to ignore the main story quests in favour of doing side quests given by the inhabitants of Whiterun and Riverwood. Why? A sense of community, surprisingly enough, is my reason. When Fralia Gray-Mane requested that I find out the fate of her son, I was more than happy to oblige. Even though the reward was merely a pittance (200 gold) and gave me nothing in terms of advancement in the game. Strangely enough, I feel content in this town, a sense of belonging if you will.

After gaining favour with the Jarl by killing my first dragon Mirmulnir, I was bestowed with the title of Thane. No clue what it means, not even my newly appointed assistant could offer a coherent answer. My assistant Lydia has become an internet legend for reasons unknown. Perhaps my fellow gamers out there enjoy the idea of having a female assistant who listens to your every command and lives with you.

Do video games teach us a sense of community? Considering many big titles such as World of War Craft (or pretty much any MMORPG), the presence of community, working together and accomplishing tasks, proves impossible for a gamer to work alone, regardless of levels. Although Skyrim is not a MMO, it nonetheless gives you this sense of community through interesting characters and beautiful level designs, making it that much easier to immerse yourself in this wonderful world.

This makes me excited for the next generation with graphic power improving more and more, meaning more engangement and hopefully more life in more characters. But of course this excitement stems from my belief that I shall survive this these coming months, my body is nearing shut down from lack of sleep, deadlines are being neglected and of course it is the year 2012…


The past 24-hours has been stolen from me and I will never get it back. To my despair it is definitely going to happen again. I started this blog intending to post on it every day, but this minor task is proving to be ridiculously near impossible. Skyrim is a consumer of my very soul which is, ironic as the game has you consuming dragon souls. I write this post late at night after a near 24-hour marathon of killing bandits, dragons, bears, people (because I felt like it). But above ALL of these things,  I dedicated at least 18 hours smithing, enchanting and selling. Yes, I spent 18 hours doing this, and why? To grind my level to that of a God-like status as well as gaining the coin to purchase that charming little place next to the War Maiden’s weapons shop in Whiterun.

The addictiveness of this game is off the charts; one cannot simply just play for an hour or two. No, you need to sit down and let it suck you in completely. I do not understand why in a game that permits you free rein to do whatever you want, I choose to do the mundane. I compare myself to Joseph Stalin, who once upon a time, was appointed to the dull position of General Secretary. Which he used to disregard rivals and gain power. But the funny thing is, I am finding it fun and satisfying to carry out my repetitive way of playing Skyrim. It is a feeling I cannot describe fully but what I can say is that once I levelled up, I deemed all of the hard work worth it and start again.

I think this behaviour stems from my need to be fully prepared which was spawned from previous titles that I have played. If you’ve ever played a Final Fantasy title you’d understand that without proper preparation and level, you wouldn’t get very far. I believe that my years of playing RPG titles have taught me to always be prepared for difficult tasks, hard work is expected and patience is a virtue, not just for video games but also in real life.

Skyrim proves to be a thought provoking game in this first playthrough , but this game may also be the reason why I will fail my degree, but as long as I attain that full set of dwarven armour, its all good.