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“Skyrim Jobs – Skyrimming is a street term the gays use when talking about applying their tongues to the outer rim part of another man’s sewer spout, while that man is being hung upside down. See the gays have weird fetishes and are close to Satan.” Dafuq did I just read? This hilarious quote is from a blog post by Christ Wire. Christ Wire is a satirical blog site that highlights supposedly, the excesses of American Christian conservatives. Although completely amusing and worth a read, it brings up the subject of ignorance towards video games.

Video gaming is beginning to branch out further from its shell as in the past it was perceived as a dirty little secret associated with little kids, and where no self-respecting adult would be caught holding a control pad. Thanks to the mass marketing by Sony, during the PlayStation/Nintendo 64 generation, gaming was considered cool, and you were uncool unless you played the latest game. Sony discovered a niche and that niche was 20 something adults who grew up familiar with video games but were now older with new interests. So began the development of mature orientated games like Resident Evil and Wipeout. Wipeout was a massive marketing success with not only its gameplay hitting home with its audience, but a soundtrack filling eager ears with electronica for a new youthful genre. As for the present 20 somethings? We get Dubstep (yay…) and Skyrim (yeaaarrhhhhhhhh).

Now with the taboo issue out of the way, there seems to be something new to complain about gaming everyday. It’s turning our brains into soup, we’re becoming more anti-social and our kids are going to grow up looking like pale gargoyles. Take your pick. “Addiction is not the only worry. Since the launch in 2006 of the Nintendo Wii, there have been regular reports of people suffering from injuries during gameplay.” Let’s break this down: gamers who actually play the Nintendo Wii are not the reclusive adolescent pale gargoyles that are usually depicted, they’re casual gamers like older people and very young kids. Older people are obviously going to strain themselves! They’re old! Not being ageist here but it is a well-known fact that the older you get, the more knocks you have to the old joints. As for the kids, well of course they’re going to hurt themselves they’re kids, aside from that, what four year olds do you know that read the safety manual before playing?

Examples of Nintendo’s Safety Guidelines:

  • If your hands, wrists, arms or eyes become tired or sore while playing, or if you feel symptoms such as tingling, numbness, burning or stiffness, stop and rest for several hours before playing again.
  • Do not use the Wii during a lightning storm. There may be a risk of electric shock from lightning. (Perfect weather for gaming!)
  • It is recommended to stay at least three (3) feet from the television. (You don’t say.)

A few of these warnings seem ridiculous and an insult to the old common sense, but some actually make sense and should be adhered. In doing, so we can minimise not only accidents but also a slow news day turning on our beloved past time. Overall I think the people who moan about the dangers of gaming should try gaming, and I don’t mean tiring oneself out after 20 minutes of Wii Sports. They should try and immerse themselves in a game like Skyrim, a game that constantly challenges and teaches the players new things. It would be a great benefit to their comprehension of this rising media that could one day be accepted, appreciated and analysed as an art form, like films.



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Could it be? The return of the basketborn? Top rated comment for obvious reasons. But nothing can describe the hilarity of this video. It is so simple yet so effective in conjuring bellowing laughter. The thought of placing buckets on NPCs would probably never be thought of by a 20 something such as myself, but thats why we let underage girls play games they are not old enough for!

YouTuber ‘zwoooooosh‘ credits the discovery to his 10 year old little sister.

You’re milking it now

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The ‘arrow to the knee’ jokes were the only thing that I disliked about the game. This joke ran into the ground and yet people felt the need to grind it until the remnants of why it was funny in the first place floated away into Oblivion.

The video below shoots out of both barrels for me by being immensely funny and ability in showing my personal anger towards the trolls of the internet.