Hey people I am a Journalism student at university in London

What I bring you here is my own personal adventure into the world of Skyrim. This is the first time I am playing the game, also my first Elder Scroll game. I aim to playthrough as much as I possibly can and from what I’ve been hearing on the interwebz, no amount of time  is enough…

What I hope to achieve out of this is to find out how this game can consume people for hours and leave them feeling dirty after, I mean it doesn’t exactly resemble BMX XXX. Can we learn something from Skyrim? Can we learn anything from video games at all? Questions I hope to see answered by trekking the vast landscapes of Skyrim. I also want to delve into Skyrim mentioned in other medias as well so expect a lot of memes and videos that do this game justice.

The amount of memes, videos and overall content dedicated to this game was enough proof to me that this is a game that is worth picking up, Skyrim is obviously a game that is going to be talked about for as long as video games exist. On Metacritic Skyrim was given the title of  ‘Universal acclaim’ with zero negative reviews from critics.

I consider this sort of as a human experiment, jokes aside the game does seem pretty addictive, plus I am in my final year. This could end up disastrous on a personal front, but it gives me a reason to play video games!

Comment and tell me what you think! Abuse is welcomed.


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